Verizon's New Occupational Discounts_ How Essential Workers Can Save On Plans!

Verizon’s New Occupational Discounts: How Essential Workers Can Save On Plans!

In the wake of uncertainty that's currently dominating our country on almost every front, saving a few dollars here and there can go a long way. In appreciation of all of the people who are currently putting their lives on the line to complete the essential tasks that every American citizen benefits from daily, Verizon's offering special discounts on multiple Unlimited cellular plans. If you currently work as a teacher, nurse, first responder or military personnel, here are some of Verizon's new occupational discounts you can take advantage of. 

Verizon Discounts Across The Board

Regardless of which of these professions you're part of, most of Verizon's new occupational discounts will be the same. For all of the exact reductions in price each eligible Unlimited plan experiences, you can check out any of the four pages Verizon has on their Those Who Serve page and click on the Pricing link each displays. Your account will only be approved for any of these deals provided you're the Account Owner or Account Manager according to Verizon.

Currently, customers have the choice to select from Verizon's Start Unlimited, Play More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited or Get More Unlimited plans to take advantage of this discount. If you already have a line registered with their Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited or Above Unlimited Plans. You can also opt for discounts from these plans, but you cannot add a new line to them.

As far as pricing goes, the exact numbers you'll see vary between plans. However, the average price per line follows this pattern: $10 off for a single line, $25 off for two or three lines each, and between $20-30 off for four lines each depending on the exact plan selected.

Teachers Unlimited Deals

Are you currently a K-12 or post-secondary educator? You might qualify for Verizon's new occupational discount for teachers provided you have at least one phone registered for certain Unlimited plans under Verizon's coverage. All you need is to be registered as an Account Owner or Account Manager and validation of your current employment as a teacher from Verizon. Depending on what state you live in, you won't even need to provide a teaching certificate to get approval for this discount.

If you'd like your whole family to benefit from this deal, that might be even more beneficial for you financially. You can add up to four lines to your discounted plan, and the more lines you add the more you'll save per month. You don't even need to have everyone registered for the same plan; Verizon will allow you to mix and match any of their select Unlimited plans so you can tailor the perfect deal for each person covered in your account.

Are you not currently a Verizon customer? Just go to Verizon's page for teachers and select Enroll and get your Teachers Discount to initiate your registration. The only difference in experience you might encounter from someone already signed up for Verizon is that you will not have access to Verizon's Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited or Above Unlimited Plans as these are no longer available for customers to add new lines to.

As a teacher, you might be eligible for a few other discounts on top of your Unlimited plan. Some of these options include a free Disney+ subscription, Mobile+ Home rewards, and deals on Verizon's Fios Home Wi-Fi coverage.

Nurses Unlimited Deals

Right now, any licensed nurse can qualify for Verizon's new occupational discounts on up to four lines of select unlimited data plans from Verizon if you apply through Verizon's discounts page. The requirements are fairly similar to those accompanying the teachers discounts. The details that you must have at least one phone registered for a Verizon unlimited plan and own or manage a Verizon account are still among the primary qualifications necessary.

If you're currently a nurse in training or have retired, you are not eligible for this plan. However, if you're currently a licensed nurse and would like your spouse, children or other family members to enjoy this discount as well, you're free to access up to four discounted unlimited lines with this deal.

Unfortunately, military nurses, or veterans who now practice nursing, can only access their military or nursing discounts individually rather than benefit from both simultaneously. However, you may qualify for several other deals on Verizon Fios Wi-Fi coverage or other benefits while being able to enjoy your nursing discount without interference.

If you're not currently a Verizon customer, you can still register for a new Unlimited plan and benefit from their nurses discounts by applying on Verizon's dedicated nursing page.

First Responders Unlimited Deals

Currently, Verizon offers first responder occupational discounts to any active, retired or volunteer first responders working locally or for their state. Some of the groups that these deals apply to include firefighters, EMTs, EMS workers and next of kin to first responders killed in action. Some law enforcement authorities may also be eligible, but employees of federal law enforcement agencies including Border Patrol, CIA and FBI personnel are not. If you're unsure if your exact position qualifies, consult Verizon's First Responder Discounts FAQ.

A unique detail to the discounts available to first responders is that they do not start and end with Unlimited Plans. Any standard Verizon cellular coverage plan is eligible for up to %15 off its original fee provided it's over $34.99 per month. However, if you're signed up for a prepaid plan this additional discount will not apply to your account. Much like the teachers and nurses discounts, you can still only access one type of discount at a time, even if you're a military veteran as well as a first responder.

For more information about how you can apply for your first responder discount, check out Verizon's general registration instructional page.

Military And Veterans Unlimited Deals

Members of all branches of the United States Armed Forces are eligible for several occupational discounts on their Verizon coverage by going through the same validation process listed above for first responders. Gold Star Family members and next of kin may also access these discounts.

Apart from the discounted pricing distribution offered to all workers in the occupations highlighted in this article, you also might be eligible for further discounts on select accessories when you purchase directly from Verizon. For more details about what further deals you could potentially access, consult Verizon's Military and Veterans Discounts FAQ.

A notable restriction among Verizon's military discount deals is that any reservists or veterans who already receive Verizon discounts from their current employers will need to chose between that discount and the deals currently being offered by Verizon. You can switch between either of these options at any time through the Discounts by Verizon page on their website, but you cannot access them simultaneously.

Check out our other article to see military discounts offered by other wireless carriers.

Thank You For Your Service

As we slowly embark on processes of recovery and radical change resultant from this chaotic time, the efforts made by essential work forces in service of your fellow US occupants will be more valuable than ever. Thank you for all of your help and sacrifices, and may these deals be the modest beginnings of the rewards that shall come your way in the years to follow. In the mean time, please enjoy these Verizon discounts and stay safe and healthy in the process.


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