Like all electronics, AirTags are susceptible to minor software failures. Luckily, Apple thought of this when designing AirTags.

Even though an AirTag does not have a screen or any visible buttons, you can still reset it! Just follow the steps below.

Why Should I Reset My AirTag?

You can only connect an AirTag to one Apple ID at a time. If the AirTag you're trying to use was once connected to another Apple ID, you'll need to reset it before you can connect it to a new device.

How Do I Reset My AirTag?

  1. Hold your AirTag in your hand with the battery side facing up.
  2. Press down on the metal battery cover.
  3. Twist the cover counterclockwise until it loosens.
  4. Take off the battery cover.
  5. Remove the AirTag's battery.
  6. Place the AirTag's battery back in the AirTag.
  7. Press down on the AirTag's battery until your AirTag makes a sound.
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 4 more times (you should hear the sound a total of 5 times).
  9. Line up the tabs on battery cover with the three slots on the AirTag.
  10. Press down on the battery cover until your AirTag makes a sound.
  11. Twist the cover clockwise until you can no longer turn it.

Pro Tips

  • Be careful twisting the battery cover on or off. It only needs to twist a few degrees each way to lock or unlock.
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