David Payette

David Payette started Payette Forward after leaving his job at the Apple Store. After the unexpected viral success of his first blog post, he moved to Maui and kept writing. Payette Forward quickly became a popular iPhone help website.

David moved back to New York to focus on growing the business. In 2018, the team began working on UpPhone to continue helping people solve problems with phones.

David Lynch

David Lynch joined Payette Forward in 2016 as a freelance writer and video maker. In 2018, he joined the team full-time and began working as the Content Lead for UpPhone and Payette Forward.

Usman Faraz

Based in Poland, Usman Faraz is the lead developer of UpPhone. He has an extensive background in web and app development.

Craig Wheeler

Craig Wheeler is a freelance user experience designer from San Diego, California. In 2018, he worked with UpPhone to design the look and feel of the website.

Stephen Mullinax

Stephen Mullinax is the graphic designer for UpPhone. Stephen lives in Atlanta and has provided graphic design and illustration for many Atlanta businesses. Stephen is currently the art director for Atlanta’s Center For Puppetry Arts.

Simon Gilbert

Simon Gilbert is the advertising operations manager for UpPhone. Simon is a Google Ad Manager expert who works with dozens of publishers. Simon lives in Majorca, Spain.

Chrys Paler

Chyrs Paler is a freelance writer from Canada and an expert on Android phones.

Saif Mohammad

Saif Mohammad is UpPhone’s data researcher. Based in Bangladesh, Saif runs a small team of data entry and research specialists.