The iPhone Mail app allows you connect all of your email accounts in one place. You can keep track of iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, and Microsoft Exchange accounts simultaneously!

Unfortunately, iPhone Mail problems can be insidious. You may miss important emails, experience fast iPhone battery drain, or burn through your monthly allotment of cellular data.

An internet connection is required to send and receive emails in the Mail app. A lot of the time, malfunctioning Mail app is the result of a Wi-Fi or Cellular Data. Turning Wi-Fi or Cellular Data off and back on in the Settings app or Control Center is often a quick fix for internet connectivity issues.

Sometimes Mail app issues are isolated to a specific email account. In these cases, the usual best course of action is to delete the account and set it up like new. You aren’t deleting the email account entirely, but you are removing it from your iPhone.

Head to Settings -> Passwords & Accounts and tap on the email account that’s experiencing technical issues. Tap Delete Account, then Delete from My iPhone when the confirmation pop-up appears.

You can quickly set up the account again by tapping Add Account in Settings -> Passwords & Accounts.

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