Cleaning your camera lens regularly can help your pictures appear clear and crisp. If your pictures are coming out blurry, dark, or black, it's possible that there's some dirt, grime, or smudge obscuring the camera lens. Cleaning that off can get your camera back in working order.

How Do I Clean My Android Camera Lens?

  1. Use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe the lens.
  2. Open your camera app to see if the lens is back to normal.

Pro Tips

  • If you use your finger to wipe the lens, you might just make it worse by spreading the smudge around more.
  • Be careful when using rougher, more abrasive cloths to wipe the lens like your shirt sleeve. Most camera lenses are made out of tough gorilla glass to protect them from scratches, but it's always best to take care of your device by using gentle microfiber for cleaning the screen and the camera lens glass.
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