What Does Apple MFi-Certified Mean_ Here's The Truth!

What Does Apple MFi-Certified Mean? Here’s The Truth!

You purchase a new Lightning cable, but when you check your purchase, you don't see anything that says “Made for iPhone.” You try to find a cable with the label, but you can't, so you're concerned about what it means and if it's important. Here, we'll explain what an Apple MFi-Certified product is and what can happen without the certification.

What Apple MFi-Certified Means

An MFi-Certification is the box on your Apple accessories that says “Made for iPhone,” “Made for iPod,” etc. This certification is only for accessories that Apple has verified as safe for their products. If you're not sure whether or not your cable has an MFi-Certification, you can check the finish on the connecter. MFi-Certified lightning cables have grey or metallic connectors, while counterfeits are normally darker or more inconsistent. Check out Apple's website for a visual.

What If I Don't Use An Apple MFi-Certified Product?

So, if you do have a charger that isn't Apple MFi-Certified or don't know for sure, check to make sure it's charging in the first place. If the charger is a counterfeit, it may not even charge to begin with. Other accessories may also have similar flaws. In addition, counterfeit accessories can cause your phone to overheat. Syncing or charging issues are other indicators of a fake phone accessory.

Where To Buy Apple MFi-Certified Products

To make sure that you don't buy counterfeit products, the easiest place to get Apple MFi-Certified accessories is the Apple Store. If this option isn't available, our next recommendation is Amazon, where you can verify the sellers. As long as you avoid places like the gas station or dollar store, you should be safe with getting an Apple MFi-Certified product.

Certified And Ready To Charge

Now you know how to find the right accessories that are good for your phone and won't cause damage. Looking for a “Made for iPhone” indicator on your charger box is the clear sign of an MFi-Certified charger. We hope this article was helpful to keep your iPhone safe, and thanks for reading! Feel free to leave comments with any questions or suggestions you have below.

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