Top 5 Reasons To Switch To An iPhone

7 Reasons To Switch To An iPhone

When buying a new phone, people usually have to choose between two of the most popular operating systems — Android and iOS. In this article, I'll talk about five reasons why you should switch to an iPhone!

iPhones Are User Friendly

Many people say, “I just need a phone that works”. iPhones are so user-friendly that Apple doesn’t even include a manual!

(But if you need a manual, check out the iPhone User Guide.)

All the icons are the same across Apple devices. There's one icon for Safari, one icon for Messages, and so on.

Even if you upgrade your iPhone to the newest model, the operating system still works the same way and setting it up is easy to do.

iMessage and FaceTime

iMessage has made the texting experience very easy and enjoyable. You can easily use iMessage to text other Apple users and send things like stickers, gifs, and more. Apple Pay integrates with the Messages app too, so you can easily send money to your contacts. There's so much more available than you'll find with SMS messaging!

send gif messages app

FaceTime is Apple's video and audio calling service. You can use it from any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac to call anyone else using any one of those devices. This makes it easy to stay in touch with loved ones who live far away or to ask your best friend what they think of that new dress you're considering.

As other video chatting platforms have become more popular, their fallibility has also come into light. Zoom specifically has been criticized for its poor security. With Apple's tightly quality controlled network of devices and apps, you can be sure that your privacy will be well protected when you opt for Facetime over other video chatting apps.

The best feature of both is that you don't need your friends and family to download any additional apps. It all happens using native iOS apps!

Easy Integration With Other Apple Products

If you already have an iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch, you'll experience seamless connectivity between your Apple devices.

The convenient streamline between Apple products has only been amplified by the progress made on the Apple Watch over the last few years. With Apple Watches now able to connect to GPS and cellular networks, you can access many of your iPhone's most essential features without even having it on you. By linking an Apple Watch to an iPhone, you can call, text, read, navigate, and more without ever needing to take your iPhone out of your pocket.

You don’t need to download or install separate applications to link them together. Your devices will connect when you sign into them with the same Apple ID. Photos, emails, notes, and calendars can be shared to all the devices. You also don’t have to pay twice for apps, movies, or books – you can access them on any of your devices!

Help Is Always Available

If you run into a problem with your phone, don't worry! Apple has you covered. They have many Apple Stores employed with helpful technicians trained to assist you with any problem.


Don't want to go to the store? There is also 24/7 online forum and phone support. Whenever there's a big problem, Apple usually releases an immediate iOS update to solve it.

You can also always get help by checking out the Fix articles right here on UpPhone!

There really isn’t an equivalent for Android, since Android phones are made by many different manufacturers.

Another benefit of purchasing an iPhone is that it's easy to stay up to date with iOS. Many older devices are still compatible with the most recent iOS updates. In comparison, there's less of a guarantee that older Android phones will have the capability to support the latest software updates.

The Best App Store

iPhones are less vulnerable to malware than an Android. Apple has a strict vetting process for apps before they get listed in the App Store. Getting apps that contain malware into the App Store is practically impossible.

iphone app store

Almost anyone can put their apps on display in the Google Play Store. Android also allows users to install apps from outside the Google Play store, making it virtually impossible to monitor apps possibly containing malware and viruses.

The Best Parental Controls

Another helpful feature included with iPhones is their diverse array of parental control settings. Under the label Screen Time in the iPhone Settings app, you can take control of virtually every detail of how you, or your child, uses your iPhone.

If you don't want you or your family to use their phone at specific times, the Downtime feature allows you to specify when certain apps can be used. Even if you don't have children, Downtime can be a very helpful feature. One example would be if you're trying to get to bed on time and don't want your smartphone to interfere.

With time limits and app restrictions, you can tailor your Screen Time limitations to exactly what you or your family needs. Does your child need access to a specific app to help them organize their homework? You can arrange for that to be the only function available on their phone, for as long as you deem necessary. Don't want your family to access inappropriate TV or explicit music? Content restrictions allow you to take control of every kind of media accessible on your iPhone.

To add security, you can even set up a specific pass code for Screen Time settings, so your kids can't just turn everything off when you're not looking. Apple wants to make sure that you and your family get an efficient user experience out of your iPhone, and with so many parental restrictions available, you don't have to worry about your devices getting in the way of your family spending time together!

Apple Pay: The New Normal

One of the iPhone's most recent accolades is how popular Apple Pay, iOS's payment app, has become. In the last year, Apple Pay surpassed Starbucks and became the most popular payment app in the United States. With this, you don't even need to take out your wallet to make purchases at most tenders.

The spark in Apple Pay's usability has only added to the many features of the iPhone that make day-to-day life much more convenient. Save space in your wallet and time out of your day by opting for Apple Pay and you'll join the 30 million other users who have made its use so accessible among retailers.

Our Recommendation

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Switch To The iPhone Today!

Shopping for a new phone can be a hassle with all of the options available today. These are only five reasons why switching to an iPhone would be a great choice for anyone. Enjoy your new phone and don't forget to leave a comment below telling us what your favorite iPhone features are!

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