4th Of July Cell Phone Deals

4th Of July Cell Phone Deals

You're looking for a new cell phone to brighten up your summer this Fourth of July. Many wireless carriers offer big savings on phones and plans to commemorate the holiday! In this article, I'll tell you about the best 4th of July cell phone deals.

Verizon iPhone 11 BOGO

Have you been thinking about upgrading to the newest iPhone generation? Right now, if you buy an iPhone 11 from Verizon website and add it as a new line to any of their Unlimited plans, you can get a second iPhone 11 for free! Starting at $15 / month, you can purchase one of the best cell phones on the market and gain access to the widest reaching 4G LTE network in the United States.

By opting to purchase a second iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or 11 Pro Max, Verizon will credit you up to $700 on your account over the course of 24 months. Whether you're looking for one or two new iPhones, this is a great opportunity to treat yourself this 4th of July.

AT&T iPhone SE 2 For $5 / Month

If you've been considering switching to AT&T or adding a new line, this Fourth of July is a great time to do so! You can get the iPhone SE 2 for only $5 / month from AT&T. The SE 2 is equipped with the same A13 processor as the iPhone 11 series, but with a much more compact display. If you want a powerful phone that won't break the bank or the seams of your pocket, the iPhone SE 2 is a great option.

Tello Mobile $4 Cell Phone Plan

If you're currently in the market for a new cell phone plan, now's a great time to check out some of the options Tello Mobile has to offer. In celebration of the 4th of July, Tello Mobile is having a huge sale for new customers who sign up for a plan.

If you switch to Tello Mobile today, you'll be able to access any of their current cellular plans for just $4 for the first month of coverage. Whichever plan you can sign up for will not require you to sign a contract, so you can upgrade to downsize at any time. If you're looking for affordable access to a 4G LTE cellular network, this is a great opportunity to try one out.

Check out our tool to compare Tello Mobile's cell phone plans!


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