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Best AT&T Cell Phones 2024: Our Top Picks!

When you switch to AT&T, you'll need a new phone. Not sure which one should you pick? In this article, I'll show you the best AT&T cell phones on the market.

AT&T: The Nation's Largest Wireless Service Provider

AT&T was founded in 1983 and, according to some sources, is the largest telecommunications company in the world! They provide cellular network services to the United States, alongside other providers like Verizon and T-Mobile. Several MVNOs use their network, such as Cricket Wireless, Consumer Cellular, and Straight Talk.

AT&T uses GSM connectivity technology. If you have a phone that uses CDMA network technology, then you will need to get a new one that uses GSM instead, if you want to use it on AT&T's network.

Best AT&T Cell Phones

There may be a lot of great smartphones available, but we've selected the best AT&T cell phones to help you pick the right one. AT&T supports more than just smartphones; they also support smartwatches, Apple Watches, tablets, iPads, and LTE connected laptops.

iPhone XR

While slightly older, the iPhone XR still holds its own as one of the best AT&T cell phones out there. Although it only has a single 12 MP camera, the powerful software can help you achieve excellent photo quality. You can shoot 60 FPS video on this phone for higher cinematic quality.

iPhone 12

If you're interested in AT&T's 5G networks and would also prefer an iPhone, you're finally in luck! The iPhone 12 is one of Apple's flagship 5G compatible iPhones and you can preorder it directly from AT&T today! This is one of the most powerful cell phones currently available, thanks to the new A14 processor chip.

Starting at $799 for the 64 GB model, the iPhone 12 is the height of contemporary cell phone technology at a mid-range price point.

iPhone 12 Pro

If you have the budget, you won't find a more versatile cell phone than the iPhone 12 Pro. Featuring a superb triple rear camera, a durable Ceramic Shield display, and the speedy A14 processor, the iPhone 12 Pro sets a new benchmark for what a cell phone is capable of.

Samsung Galaxy S20+

The Samsung Galaxy S20+ is a fantastic device for those that want an excellent camera and the ultimate Android experience. Thanks to its quad camera setup, it is easily one of the best AT&T cell phones out there.

Google Pixel 4

The Google Pixel 4 has numerous software advantages that make it one of the best AT&T cell phones in the world. With its call screening feature powered by Google Assistant, you can ward away scam callers without worry. You can also record slow motion video with the rear camera, up to 120 FPS.

Unlocked AT&T Cell Phones

If you don't want to buy a phone from AT&T, but still want to use the phone on their network, make sure you buy a carrier unlocked device. If a phone is carrier locked, you are restricted so that you can only use the network where the phone was originally sold. For example, if you are switching from Verizon and your phone is carrier locked to Verizon, you can only use the phone on Verizon's network.

Don't waste a ton of money on a phone that's carrier locked! Get a carrier unlocked one instead. They may be a bit more expensive, but it's worth it for the flexibility.

AT&T allows you to check and see if your current phone is compatible on their network using this tool on their website.

The Best AT&T Cell Phones: Which Will You Pick?

Now that you know about the best AT&T cell phones currently available, you're ready to choose the one that works for you. Thank you for reading this article, and I hope that it has helped you make a more informed decision about your next smartphone. If you have any more questions about AT&T cell phones, please leave a comment below.


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