Best Cell Phone Plan Deals – Our Top Picks!

You're considering switching cell phone plans but want to make sure you can do it affordably. You're curious about what the best options for plans are, and which carriers are providing them at the most reasonable price. Here are some of the best cell phone plan deals you can sign up for right now!

Know Your Essential Elements

When trying to find a good deal on a cellular plan, you'll need a few things to make sure you get the most out of your search. For one thing, you'll want some idea of exactly what you'll need out of a cellular plan. For instance, you'll want to know whether or not you'd like unlimited data, or how much mobile hotspot capability you'll need. You'll want to know going in whether you're looking for a single line or a family plan, or a contract or prepaid plan.

Switch For Discounts

It's also likely that a little flexibility will go a long way. Many carriers offer great discounts on premium data plans for potential customers when you switch to their service. While some of these can be great deals, they might come with some requirements such as needing to trade your phone in or asking you to pay for several months of service in advance.

It's up to you which of these conditions you see as valid, but if you're trying to save as much money as possible it might be worthwhile to switch to a new carrier.

Finally, you'll want to make sure that whichever carrier you sign up for has coverage in your area. Regardless of how expensive or premium the cellular service you're paying for is, it won't be of any use to you if your carrier has poor coverage where you live. If you want to see which carriers have the best service near you, check out our coverage map!

Verizon Cell Phone Plan Deals

If you're sure you're looking for a great deal on cellular service specifically, you might not want to put Verizon at the top of your list of potential carriers. While they do have the widest reaching cellular network available in the United States, they do not offer very many deals solely based around any of their plans. However, if you're in the market for a new cell phone along with new coverage, Verizon offers many discounts on some of the best phones available if you switch to them from another carrier.

Even if you aren't looking for a new phone specifically, Verizon offers a lot of good trade-in deals if you'd be willing to trade your old phone when you switch. For example, with eligible trade-ins, Verizon's Bring Your Own Device program will provide you with up to $300 of credit towards an upgrade when you switch to one of their cellular plans. While it might not be directly related to any specific Verizon plans, it could still save you a fair amount of cash if you opt to accept this offer.

AT&T Cell Phone Plan Deals

There are currently several excellent deals on cell phone plans available from AT&T that go beyond discounted hardware.

The first special offer I'd like to talk about is the discounted monthly rate for AT&T's Unlimited Plus plan. If you sign up for Unlimited Plus and select the payment option Auto Pay, you get a full $25 off per month. For only $50 a month you'd have access to unlimited talk, text and data, 10 GB of mobile hotspot, access to AT&T's 5G network, HD video streaming and more by switching to AT&T's coverage. There's also the possibility to save even further if you add more lines, as Unlimited Plus is eligible for multi-line discounts.

Another deal AT&T's currently offering is accessible via their Signature Program rewards system. Right now, eligible customers can save up to $10 per line on AT&T's Unlimited Elite plan by signing up for the Signature Program. Unlimited Elite's the most premium Unlimited data plan AT&T has to offer. Some of its perks include 30 GB of mobile hotspot, a free HBO subscription, and some competitive international features. If you're thinking about moving the whole family to AT&T, your savings will only continue the more lines you add to your plan.

AT&T also offers a Bring Your Own Device rewards system. Provided it's eligible, bringing your own phone to your new AT&T plan could get you a free $250 Visa Rewards card on top of the savings you might access through their other available deal.

T-Mobile Cell Phone Plans

Most of the deals on cell phone plans offered by T-Mobile are a little more conditional than those offered by some of their competitors. If you're looking to switch your whole family over to a new carrier, you might be interested in the current offer involving T-Mobile's Essentials plan. If you switch from AT&T or Verizon today, you'd be able to save a full 50% on this multi-line plan that includes unlimited talk, text, and 5G data. If you bring your old phones with you, they'll even reimburse you up to $450 per line to help pay off any old contracts you'd be breaking.

Are you a first responder or member of the armed forces? Currently T-Mobile offers significant discounts on their Magenta and Magenta Plus plans to you and your families. At less than half of their retail values, you could access unlimited talk and text with significant savings for every line you sign up with either plan. If you think you and your family could use plenty of mobile hotspot data, opt for the Magenta Plus plan for $35 per line per month. Both plans also come with versatile international features such as allotted data in both Mexico and Canada.

Both the Magenta and Magenta Plus military and first responder discounts also come with a free Netflix and Quibi subscription for your first year of coverage, as well as weekly rewards. If you think you'd benefit from a simpler plan, the Magenta plan is available for you at $25 per line per month with a significant amount of accompanying perks despite its low price tag.

T-Mobile also offers discounted rates on their Essentials, Magenta and Magenta Plus plans for customers over the age of 55. If you and a partner over the age of 55 are interested in an unlimited data plan, you can access two lines of any of these plans starting as low as $55 per month.

Finally, I'd like to highlight T-Mobile's new line promotion. If you set up a new line with T-Mobile today, you might be eligible to receive a select cell phone free of charge. What sets this deal apart from many of the similar offers promoted by competing carriers is that you wouldn't even need to trade in your old cell phone in exchange.

Plan Ahead, Save Big

Once you've considered all of your options, finding the best cell phone plan deals for you is entirely subjective. If you're planning on switching carriers, we'd recommend waiting until the end of your monthly billing cycle to switch to minimize any unnecessary payments in the process. Once you've found your perfect deal, enjoy your new coverage and keep an open mind to any unexpected perks your new provider has to offer.


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