best cell phone plans for couples

Best Cell Phone Plans For Couples

You and your partner are looking for a practical cell phone plan that meets both of your cellular needs. It can be a challenge finding your dream family cell phone plan, but we're here to help. In this article, we'll tell you about the best cell phone plans for couples!

What Do Couples Need In A Cell Phone Plan?

Before diving into our favorite plans, let's discuss what couples really need in a cell phone plan.

Reliable Coverage

Having the ability to reach each other at all times requires a carrier with reliable coverage. Make sure to check out our coverage maps to make sure that your future carrier offers good coverage in your area!

Verizon offers the most coverage across the United States. However, this may not be the case in your area. Take a close look at how every cellular network fares locally to you. You might find that another provider has significantly better coverage locally!

Minutes And Messages

You and your partner need enough minutes and messages to make necessary phone calls and texts each month. Most plans offer unlimited minutes and unlimited texts, so this isn't much of an issue these days.

There are still plans out there without unlimited talk and text, especially in the prepaid field. If neither person in your relationship relies too heavily on their cell phone day-to-day, you could probably find a very cheap monthly plan that still perfectly satisfies your needs if you look hard enough.


Having at least some high speed data can back you up if you don't have access to Wi-Fi. However, the amount of data required varies from person to person, based on their preferences. You'll also want to make a note about whether or not the monthly data allotment for your plan's distributed per line or shared across all devices covered by the plan.

If you share data, it's possible that your data speeds could be throttled before either of you even realize, since it may be hard to keep track of each person's monthly data usage.

The first big decision to make is whether or not you need unlimited data. Fortunately, we've got a video all about unlimited data plans to help you make that decision.

Do You Need 5G Coverage?

Carriers first announced 5G networks in April 2019. Since then, 5G coverage has been slowly integrated into plan options across cellular providers. Low-band 5G is the slowest 5G option available, and its accessibility across the United States continues to grow. Unfortunately, low-band can be slower than 4G LTE networks at times.

Alternatively, high-band 5G, the fastest 5G network, is only available in select major cities. We expect high-band 5G to become available in more locations in coming years. When it comes to any 5G coverage, we recommend against paying extra just for 5G data. However, if it comes included in your preferred cellular plan, don't let that stop you from signing up.

For more information on 5G coverage, check out our video all about 5G networks below:

Why Should We Sign Up For One Plan Instead Of Two?

Signing up for one plan instead of two will make your accounts easier to manage. You can also save money with multi-line discounts, and you'll only need to pay half the taxes and fees that you would with separate plans! Who doesn't love saving money?

Best Cell Phone Plans For Couples

Now that you've zeroed in on what you and your partner want in your cell phone plan, you can read about some of the best cell phone plans for couples below and see which one is right for you.

If none of these plans feel like a good fit, use our tool to compare every cell phone plan from every wireless carrier. You can use the sliders and filters to find a plan that meets all of your needs!

Verizon Prepaid Plans

With Verizon Prepaid Plans, you can count on cheap, flexible plans with unlimited minutes and messages, plus plenty of cellular data. Data options include 1 GB, 5 GB, 15 GB, or unlimited GB per line.

Our favorite pick is the Verizon Prepaid plan with 5 GB of data as it's the best balance of high-speed data and affordability.

Verizon Start Unlimited

If you want coverage from Verizon and have a higher budget for your couple's coverage, Verizon also has some great unlimited data plans as well.

Start Unlimited is one of the most affordable unlimited data plans Verizon has to offer. Opting for this plan will give both people covered by this plan unlimited access to the largest cellular network in the United States.

While mobile hotspot is not included in this plan's base fee, you can still access many perks when you register for coverage under Start Unlimited. For example, you can stream video at DVD quality 480p and access a great multi-line discount.

AT&T Mobile Share Plus

A great option for couples looking for a shared data plan is AT&T Mobile Share Plus. It has unlimited minutes and messages as well as two data options: 3 GB or 9 GB. That allotment can also be used for mobile hotspot data.

Since the data is shared, one line could use 8 GB and the other line could use 1 GB if you opted for the 9 GB plan. Any data you don't use rolls over to the next month. While you'll never be charged overage fees with this plan, your data speeds will be significantly throttled if you go over your monthly allotment.

This plan also includes Stream Saver, which maximizes video streaming quality while preserving your monthly data.

T-Mobile Magenta

T-Mobile's Magenta Plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data for $120 / month for two lines. This plan also includes unlimited 3G mobile hotspot and a one-year basic Netflix subscription. With 50 GB of data available to you every month, you can be almost sure you'll never run out of cellular data while covered by this plan.

The Magenta Plan makes you eligible for T-Mobile Tuesdays, the carrier's rewards program. You can win prizes, get discounts on live events, and much more!

AT&T Unlimited Extra

The AT&T Unlimited Extra Plan offers unlimited talk, text, and data for each line. With a high speed data cap of 50 GB, you're unlikely to ever have your speeds throttled. 5G access and 15 GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot are also included.

You will save a pretty significant amount per line of Unlimited Extra, thanks to multi-line discounts. If you sign up for AutoPay and paperless billing when you register as well, your savings will increase even more.

Tello Mobile 2 GB Plan

Tello Mobile's 2 GB Plan is one of the best deals in the industry. You can get two lines with unlimited minutes, unlimited messages, and 2 GB of data for just $28 / month. This is a no-contract prepaid plan, so you can easily upgrade or downgrade at any time if you need a different amount of cellular data. Tello plans include mobile hotspot and unlimited calling to Canada, China, and Mexico.

T-Mobile Essentials

If you want unlimited minutes, messages, and 4G LTE data, T-Mobile Essentials may be the plan for you. Starting at $60 per month, this is a great option for anyone who wants plenty of high speed data each month.

Some additional perks include 3G mobile hotspot data, optional add-on features, and no overage charges. This is a great plan for frequent travelers, as it features unlimited texting to over 200 countries and unlimited minutes, messages, and 2G data in Canada and Mexico.

Mint Mobile 10 GB Plan

The Mint Mobile 10 GB plan includes unlimited talk and text, 10 GB of high-speed data, and mobile hotspot access. This plan also includes 5G coverage, and your phone will automatically connect to 4G LTE or 5G depending on the fastest speeds available.

Even if you use all 10 GB of data, you can continue using cellular data at throttled speeds for no extra charge.

This plan's 3-month intro offer costs $20 per month. You can lock in that monthly price by signing up for a full year of service when the trial period ends. The renewal price for an additional three months is $35 month, while the price for an additional six months is $25 per month.

It's important to keep in mind that Mint Mobile doesn't offer multi-line discounts. To calculate what your couple's monthly bill will be, simply double the prices listed above.

Ting Mobile Set 5 GB

Ting Mobile totally revamped their plans at the beginning of 2021 when they were acquired by Dish Mobile. Their Set 5 GB plan includes unlimited minutes, unlimited messages, and 5 GB of high-speed data. Once you use the allotted 5 GB, your speeds are slowed to 2G. There are no overage charges with this plan.

As part of the T-Mobile and Sprint merger, Ting Mobile customers have access to T-Mobile's high speed network, including their 5G coverage. This plan costs $50 per month for two lines.

The Best Phone Plans For Couples, Compared

Plan Data Minutes Messages Mobile Hotspot 2-Line Price
Verizon Prepaid 5 GB / line Unlimited Unlimited Yes $60 / month
Verizon Start Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited No $70 / month
AT&T Mobile Share Plus 3 GB Shared Unlimited Unlimited Yes $80 / month
AT&T Mobile Share Plus 9 GB Shared Unlimited Unlimited Yes $100 / month
T-Mobile Mangeta Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes $120 / month
AT&T Unlimited Extra Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes $130 / month
Tello Mobile 2 GB 2 GB Unlimited Unlimited Yes $28 / month
Mint Mobile Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes $60 / month
Mint Mobile 10 GB 8 GB Unlimited Unlimited Yes $40 / month
Ting Mobile Set 5 GB 5 GB Unlimited Unlimited Yes $50 / month

Pick Your Plan!

As a couple searching for a joint cell phone plan, it's important to make sure you're looking for a plan that's tailored to your needs. We hope this article has helped you narrow down your options so you can make the best choice. Thanks for reading, and make sure to comment below which plan worked best for you and your partner!

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