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Best Verizon Cell Phones 2024: Our Top Choices!

So, you're interested in switching to Verizon, but aren't sure what cell phone you want. You'd like to get one that works well with Verizon, so you can make the most out of your data plan. In what follows, I'll show you the best cell phones that the nation's most reliable wireless carrier has to offer.

All About Verizon

Verizon is a wireless network provider that was founded on April 4th, 2000. They are one of the major mobile network providers, alongside T-Mobile and AT&T. Straight Talk and Visible Mobile are some of the smaller providers that use Verizon's network.

Verizon uses GSM connectivity technology. Verizon supported CDMA in the past, but this technology is being phased out. If you have a phone that only uses CDMA, you'll need to get a new one in order to connect to their network.

Best Verizon Cell Phones

Verizon supports a wide range of smartphones, including Androids, iPhones, and other devices like iPads, smart watches, and LTE-compatible PCs. The following are some of the best Verizon cell phones that you can get with your Verizon plan.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is definitely one of the best Verizon cell phones out there. It's the cutting edge of Apple's iPhone technology with a powerful camera, long-lasting battery life, and elegant design. You can have up to 512 GB of internal storage, so you can keep your favorite movies, apps, games, photos, and music offline!

The iPhone 11 Pro Max has a triple rear camera array with 12 MP wide, 12 MP ultra wide, and 12 MP telephoto cameras. The iPhone's reliable track record and integration with excellent Apple features like iMessage, Air Drop, Air Pods, and the rest of the Apple ecosystem make this the ultimate choice for anyone looking for a reliable and advanced cell phone.

iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 is the flagship model of the newest line of iPhones. The standard iPhone 12 comes in five new colors and has a storage capacity ranging from 64 GB to 256 GB. The 6.1″ Super Retina XDR display is one of the highest resolution screens ever included on a smartphone.

One of the most notable differences between this device and previous iPhone generations is that the iPhone 12 can connect to 5G networks. Additionally, the dual rear camera features 12 MP wide and ultra-wide lenses capable of recording 4K video. The front-facing camera is similarly high resolution, housing a 12 MP camera great for video chatting and taking self-portraits.

The iPhone 12 comes equipped with the A14 processor. Combined with the iPhone 12's 5G compatibility, this chip makes the iPhone one of the fastest and most powerful phones on the market. This device is also capable of wireless and fast charging, but its all-day battery life means you shouldn't need to worry about this feature too much. With an IP68 water and dust resistance rating, the iPhone 12 is also exceptionally durable

Samsung Galaxy S20

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is the best Android Verizon cell phone currently available. It packs a 4,000 mAh battery to power you through the whole day, and includes a fantastic display and stunning rear camera performance. You also get the ability to use wireless charging.

The Galaxy S20's camera system has a triple camera setup with ultra wide, wide, and telephoto lenses.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 also works with 5G networks, meaning that you can enjoy lightning fast Internet speeds while on the go. Verizon offers 5G connectivity to ensure that you can enjoy the most premium wireless connectivity experience with the Galaxy S20.

Samsung Galaxy S21

If you're looking for the newest option from Samsung, be sure to check out the Samsung Galaxy S21. The Galaxy S21 features a 6.2″ FHD+ LTPS display that's great for enjoying both images and videos. This phone is also easy to personalize, as it comes in four finishes and allows for up to 512 GB of expandable storage.

The Galaxy S21 has two 12 MP camera lenses, as well as a 64 MP telephoto lens. The camera is capable 3x optical zoom thanks to its telephoto sensor, and 10x optical zoom when using its super telephoto sensor. The Galaxy S21 is built with the Snapdragon 888 processing chip that's said to produce 25% more power efficiency and 35% better graphics performance than previous Galaxy models.

Additionally, this Galaxy model is also compatible with 5G networks, and its battery lasts all day.  The Galaxy S21's IP68 durability rating also means that this device is comfortably water and dust resistant.

Google Pixel 4 XL

The Google Pixel 4 XL is the latest flagship phone from Google, and its software performance makes it a great phone for Verizon. With call screening handled by Google Assistant, you can say goodbye to scam callers. Google Assistant will pick up the phone for you and screen for scammers, so you can filter them out easily.

Many view the Google Pixel lineup as being ‘true' Android phones because Google is the company behind the fundamentals of Android. In addition, the Pixel 4 is currently the only phone that supports the beta for Android 11.

The Google Pixel 4 XL has dual camera setup. It carries a 12.2 MP wide angle camera and a 16 MP telephoto camera. Combined with Google's powerful software enhancements, the Pixel 4 XL's camera is one of the best out there.

Samsung Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is starting to get a little old now, but it still is a worthy contender for one of the best Verizon phones. With its 3400 mAh battery you can power through the whole day with no sweat. This is also one of the last Samsung phones with a headphone jack, so you can enjoy listening to music with an old pair of headphones without an adapter.

Did you know that Samsung phones like the Galaxy S10 can be turned into desktop computers? With Samsung DeX mode, you can plug an HDMI to USB-C cable to connect your smartphone to an external monitor and use it like a desktop computer! This can enable you to multitask and enjoy videos on the big screen while on the go.

Unlocked Verizon Cell Phones

If you don't want to purchase a phone from Verizon, but want to use one on their network, make sure you buy the device carrier unlocked. When a phone is carrier locked, it can't be used on another carrier's network. It would be really inconvenient if you decided to fork over a ton of money for a phone, only to be unable to use it!

Buying a phone unlocked can be a bit more expensive than buying one directly from a carrier. However, some of the best Verizon phones from previous years still hold up well today for a lower unlocked cost.

You can check to make sure that the phone you choose is compatible on Verizon's network by using their bring your own phone compatibility tool on their website.

Verizon Cell Phones: The Best Of The Best!

Now you know everything you need to about the best Verizon cell phones. I hope that this article was helpful in choosing your next phone with Verizon. If you have any questions about Verizon cell phones, please leave a comment below.


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