Get One Free Year Of Disney+ With A Verizon Unlimited Plan

Disney's new streaming service Disney+ was released yesterday and there's already a massive catalog of great shows and movies. Verizon subscribers with an Unlimited plan can get a free year of access to this new streaming platform. In this article, I'll show you how to get a free year of Disney+ with a Verizon Unlimited plan!

Which Plans Are Eligible For This Offer?

The Verizon Unlimited plans eligible for a free year of Disney+ are:

  • The Verizon Unlimited Plan
  • Go Unlimited
  • Beyond Unlimited
  • Above Unlimited
  • Get More Unlimited
  • Do More Unlimited
  • Play More Unlimited
  • Start Unlimited

Business plans are not eligible for this offer.

If You Already Have A Verizon Unlimited Plan

Verizon customers already subscribed to an Unlimited plan can get their free, one year trial of Disney+ by logging into their account and adding Disney+ to their cell phone plan.

get disney+ already have unlimited plan

If You Don't Have A Verizon Unlimited Plan

Even if you don't currently have a Verizon Unlimited plan, you can still take advantage of this offer by switching plans. If you already have a Verizon plan and want to switch, visit Verizon's website and click Change your plan. Then, choose an eligible unlimited plan.

change your verizon plan

If you currently have a plan with another wireless carrier and want to switch to an Verizon Unlimited plan, visit Verizon's website and click Switch to Unlimited. You'll be prompted to enter how many lines you need and what your zip code is.

switch to verizon unlimited

Compare More Verizon Plans

Check out our comparison tool to learn more about Verizon cell phone plans. You can often save money when you switch!

I Don't Want To Switch, But I Do Want Disney+

You of course don't need to switch cell phone plans to sign up for a Disney+ subscription. One of the easiest ways to sign up is by installing the Disney+ app on your iPhone and starting your free trial. You'll have to enter an email address to sign up. Once the free trial expires, you'll be charged $6.99 / month.

sign up for disney+ on iphone

The Happiest Plan On Earth

We hope this article helped you get a year of free access to Disney+. This new streaming platform has lots of a great content, which pairs perfectly with your great cell phone plan.

Have any other questions? Leave them in the comments section below!


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