What Is iPhone Forever? How To Upgrade Your iPhone With Sprint!

What Is iPhone Forever? How To Upgrade Your iPhone With Sprint!

It probably feels like every time you buy a new iPhone, Apple immediately releases a new one. This can be very frustrating, especially if you spent a lot of money and can't upgrade right away. In this article, I will explain what iPhone Forever is and how you can use it to upgrade to the latest iPhone whenever you want.

What Is iPhone Forever?

iPhone Forever is Sprint's program that allows you to upgrade to the newest iPhone each year. All you have to do is make 12 lease payments on your current iPhone to upgrade to the latest model.

Who Is Eligible For iPhone Forever?

New and existing Sprint customers who lease an iPhone Forever eligible phone and start a new line of service can start iPhone Forever. Existing customers who are ready to upgrade can choose to lease an eligible phone and start the program too.

Which Phones Are Eligible For iPhone Forever?

You can find iPhone Forever eligible phones by visiting Sprint's Shop Cell Phones Page and filtering by iPhone Forever devices.

sprint iphone forever filter

Currently, the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR are eligible for the iPhone Forever program.

How Soon Can I Upgrade To The Newest iPhone?

You have to make 12 lease payments on your phone before you can upgrade to the newest iPhone. It doesn't matter if your lease term is longer than 12 months, as soon as you make 12 payments, you're eligible to upgrade.

If you want to upgrade faster, Sprint allows you to pay more than one payment per month or pay the equivalent of 12 payments to upgrade.

How Does iPhone Forever Compare With Other Programs?

Sprint isn't the only wireless carrier with an upgrade program. Other carriers including Verizon and AT&T have similar programs to iPhone Forever that differ in pricing and timing for upgrades.


With Verizon's iPhone upgrade program, customers can turn in their eligible iPhone after 30 days and pay 50% of the retail price to upgrade to a new phone. You must use Verizon Wireless service during those thirty days to be eligible for the program.


AT&T has two upgrade programs called AT&T Next and AT&T Next Every Year. With Next, customers can upgrade to a new phone every two years. It also offers low monthly payments to pay off your phone in 30 months.

The Next Every Year program allows an upgrade every year and low monthly payments to pay off your phone in 24 months.


Unfortunately, T-Mobile ended their iPhone upgrade program in August of 2018. If you are interested in enrolling in an upgrade program, now might be a good time to switch wireless carriers!

Is iPhone Forever Right For Me?

If you are someone who wants the latest iPhone every year, then yes! Whether you are a current Sprint customer or not, it's easy to enroll.

How To Upgrade Your Phone With Sprint's iPhone Forever

  1. For Sprint customers, start a new line of service with an iPhone Forever eligible phone or upgrade your current phone to an iPhone Forever eligible phone. For non-Sprint customers, switch your wireless carrier to Sprint and start your line of service with an iPhone Forever eligible phone.
  2. Make 12 lease payments. These payments are monthly but you can pay them quicker than 12 months if you want.
  3. Upgrade to the newest iPhone and begin a new lease.

Leasing Versus Owning

When leasing a phone through iPhone Forever, Sprint technically owns the phone. This only means that you are expected to return it and upgrade when your lease is up. However, if you don't want to upgrade, you can simply finish the payments and choose to keep the phone.

This lease payment is an extra cost on top of your phone plan. However, it is comparable to any other upgrade plan offered and allows you to get the newest iPhone as soon as it comes out.

iPhone Forever: Time To Enroll?

That is totally up to you! Since you've read this article, you now know everything about what iPhone Forever is and how you can upgrade your phone with Sprint. It can be tough to find the right upgrade plan, but now you have all the tools to decide if Sprint's plan is best for you. If you have any other questions, leave them in the comments section below!