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HostArmada Web Hosting Review

You're looking into building a website, but aren't exactly sure where to start. There are so many web hosting services out there, it can be difficult to sift through each of their specific features and identify which is the best option for you. Today I'll tell you about HostArmada, a newer, privately funded web hosting service ready to help users build a great website for any purpose.

Setup Process

Host Armada service plans

HostArmada's setup process is commendably cut-and-dried. As someone with a minimum amount of personal experience with website design, I was able to create an account and register a domain in all of five minutes.

HostArmada domain entry

HostArmada only requires you to choose a domain name and email address when you sign up. Near the end of the signup process, they'll ask if you want to purchase their Addon Booster feature for a few additional dollars. I opted not to, and still had no trouble getting into the HostArmada dashboard.

product configuration

If you sign up for HostArmada today, you'll get a 70% ARMADALIFTOFF discount for your first year of service. For the domain I used to test out their signup process, it turned my bill from over $100 to just a few cents over $32.

Setting Up A Domain

domain configuration in HostArmada

The process for Domain Registration is relatively straightforward once you enter HostArmada's backend. The Domain heading in the dashboard is easy to find, and figuring out how to enter and configure your domain from there is a pretty simple process.

HostArmada automatically generates nameservers for every domain you add. If you're familiar with how nameservers work, HostArmada also makes it easy to customize your DNS settings. If you're not, don't worry about it — everything will still work.

Nameservers configuration in HostArmada

CloudFlare is a great alternative to HostArmada's nameservers, which provides additional security and performance benefits. We highly recommend CloudFlare and use it on our sites as well!

choose server location in HostArmada

One major plus to HostArmada's domain section is that it allows you to select which server will power their website. They offer several server locations from around the world, including multiple in the US as well India, Canada, Australia, and Singapore.


cPanel interface in HostArmada

Jumping into building your website from HostArmada's dashboard isn't particularly obvious. It took me about 20 minutes of haphazard clicking to locate the small button I didn't know I'd been looking for. Once I had, I wasn't especially relieved.

On a practical level, cPanel offers great value to users. There are few dashboards available with such a wide array of settings and adjustable features. cPanel comes with access to email, calendar, contacts, backups, MIME types, domain editors, a wide array of security features, and much more. For the price you pay for HostArmada's service, it is a comprehensive toolset to perfectly tailor your website.

email heading in cPanel

Ultimately, this versatility is in many ways a drawback as well. Very few people have the enormous amount of prerequisite knowledge to understand how cPanel works. We recommend focusing on the few features you'll need to use and ignoring the rest.

cPanel's Website Builder

HostArmada Website Builder home screen

HostArmada's stock Website Builder engine was about as difficult to find as the cPanel button. When I did locate it, I was relieved. This is how I had envisioned HostArmada's entire service when I signed up.

New Site on HostArmada Website Builder

Once you open the HostArmada Website Builder, all of the intimidation factor that comes with cPanel dissipates immediately. This is where HostArmada shows they genuinely care about making everyone feel comfortable with their service, and it's possible to build your ideal website with one of their packages.

Featuring over 500 themes built to serve all kinds of personal and professional purposes, HostArmada breaks down their construction process into three easy steps: theme selection, design details, and website completion. While it feels like a long way between the HostArmada dashboard and the Website Builder, once you find the latter their service becomes easier to use.

Installing WordPress on HostArmada

HostArmada makes it easy to install WordPress on cPanel. Many web hosting providers offer WordPress as a stock feature. WordPress makes it easy to build a website, even if you're a beginner!

WordPress App installation page in HostArmada

The first time you'll see the WordPress icon is at the bottom of cPanel's front page under the Softaculous Apps Installer.

WordPress Installation Confirmation in HostArmadaThe journey from clicking the WordPress icon in Softaculous to seeing that you've successfully installed it takes you through several more pages of data. Don't worry about the details during the setup process. I clicked “Install” when prompted and everything worked out fine.

Smooth Sailing With HostArmada!

If you have a solid background in website development and feel comfortable with doing a lot of the heavy lifting on your own, HostArmada is a great value with access to the enormously versatile cPanel interface. HostArmada gives users a diverse number of ways to take complete control of building the exact site they want.

If you're brand new to website creation and want to use WordPress, you may have an easier time by signing up for a web hosting company that offers managed WordPress services.


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