What is T-Mobile JUMP?

What is T-Mobile JUMP? Is It Different From JUMP On Demand? The Truth!

The idea of upgrading your phone once every two years or longer is becoming a thing of the past. Wireless carriers are now offering earlier upgrade plans so you can get the newest smartphone as soon as it comes out. In this article, I'll tell you everything you need to know about T-Mobile JUMP and explain how you can upgrade your phone with T-Mobile!

JUMP vs. JUMP On Demand

There's a slight difference between T-Mobile JUMP and JUMP On Demand. JUMP is a part of Protection 360, a T-Mobile phone insurance plan. JUMP On Demand is a separate cell phone upgrade program that isn't tied to one of T-Mobile's insurance plans.

Below, we'll talk more in-depth about each of these plans.

What Is T-Mobile JUMP?

T-Mobile JUMP

offers customers the ability to upgrade their phones more frequently for a monthly fee. With this plan, you can swap your phone for a new one whenever you want, and T-Mobile covers half of your original phone’s retail price. JUMP lets T-Mobile subscribers lease a new device for 18 months for an upfront cost on most smartphones and tablets. This includes smartphones such as the newest Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy models.

Whenever you’re looking to upgrade your phone, you simply need to bring yours in for an inspection to ensure that it’s in working order. If it is, then you can swap it out for a new one. T-Mobile will pay half of your remaining balance so long as you pay half of the device's purchase price.

JUMP is just one feature included with Protection 360. This phone insurance program also includes replacement warranty coverage, AppleCare+ services, unlimited screen protector replacements, and more.

Another great reason to sign up for this program is that there’s no initial waiting period. T-Mobile promises to pay your remaining Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) balance, which could be up to half of your original device purchase price.

You can upgrade even faster by paying extra towards your EIP balance. T-Mobile leases are for up to twelve devices per line per year, but you can add additional lines to control how often you upgrade.

What's The Catch?

There are some limitations to this program. You are cut off after 12 leases per line. In other words, you can have one lease per month in a year, and 12 lines on each account. Additionally, not everyone is eligible. New and current postpaid plans are eligible, but Simple Choice No Credit, T-Mobile No Credit Check, and prepaid customers are all ineligible for this deal.

Even though T-Mobile pay some of your EIP balance, they still won't cover all of it. You'll have to pay off off your remaining EIP balance before upgrading to a new phone. T-Mobile may also require that you make a down payment.

I'm A New T-Mobile Customer. Am I Eligible?

If you’re new to T-Mobile, this plan could still be for you. If you purchase a postpaid plan and a device through their EIP, you’re eligible for JUMP for the first 14 days of a qualified T-Mobile device purchase. With this plan, there’s no minimum data requirements and no restrictions.

I Already Have T-Mobile. How Do I Enroll?

If you're currently a T-Mobile subscriber, you can sign up for JUMP during an upgrade period or when adding a line to your cell phone plan through T-Mobile's EIP.

What Is JUMP On Demand?

If you don't want to sign up for a T-Mobile phone insurance plan, you can upgrade your phone with JUMP On Demand. There's no monthly fee associated with JUMP On Demand, but there are some drawbacks. Other than the lack of device protection, a smaller selection of phones are eligible for upgrade. Fortunately, most newer smartphones are eligible for upgrade.

When you enroll in this upgrade program, you're signing up for an 18-month contract that allows you to upgrade to a new phone every thirty days. It's important to know that any device you lease through this program is still technically owned by T-Mobile.

Who Is Eligible For JUMP On Demand?

Customers on prepaid or Simple Choice No Credit Check plans aren't eligible for JUMP On Demand. Enrollment in JUMP On Demand is subject to a credit check.

Are These Upgrade Programs Worth It?

If you feel like you don't need phone insurance, JUMP On Demand is probably a better option for you. It doesn't cost anything and you can still upgrade to the latest smartphone whenever it comes out.

How JUMP Compares To Other Upgrade Programs

Just like T-Mobile, many other wireless carriers have begun offering upgrade programs that allow you to get a new phone more frequently.

AT&T has a program called Next Up, where you can pay for your phone in 30 monthly installments. AT&T subscribers can trade in their phones and upgrade after paying off 80% of the retail price, which is approximately equal to 24 monthly installments.

Unlike JUMP, AT&T's program doesn't include cell phone insurance, and the installments are slightly more expensive. However, with AT&T’s plan, you are guaranteed to get the newest smartphone every year, versus whatever T-Mobile may approve for the plan.

Verizon Wireless also has an annual iPhone upgrade program. Customers can upgrade to the latest iPhone after they've waited at least thirty days and made 50% of the payments on their current phone.

Let's Jump!

If you're looking for an upgrade program that includes phone insurance, T-Mobile JUMP is a great option. If you don't want the insurance, but still want the frequent upgrades, JUMP On Demand is probably the better choice for you.

Have any other questions about cell phone upgrade programs? Leave us a comment below!

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