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What Is Visible Party Pay? Here’s The Truth!

You're looking into Visible plans and noticed a feature called Party Pay. This perk helps you save money on your monthly cell phone bill! In this article, I'll explain what Visible Party Pay is and show you how to sign up today!

What Is Visible?

Visible is a cellular provider unlike any other. As you've probably guessed, they're not considered a “major carrier” the same way Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T are. However — despite their size — they are not an MVNO carrier either.

Rather than leasing coverage from major carriers the way other small cellular providers do, Visible is fully owned and operated by Verizon. All Visible customers receive access to Verizon's nationwide 5G and 4G LTE data networks. Anyone signed up for a Visible plan can also make unlimited international calls to Canada, Mexico, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico!

Visible Party Pay, Explained

Visible Party Pay is similar to the other multi-line discounts that many wireless carriers offer. However, there are some unique aspects to Party Pay, which is why Visible calls it “a family plan without the family drama.”

Unlike most multi-line discount offers, each person on the plan has their own account, and is in charge of paying their own bill. It's a great option for roommates or close friends who want a good deal on a cell phone plan without the headache of having to pay one account owner through a service like PayPal or Venmo.

This plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and high speed data, as well as 5 mbps mobile hotspot for each line. With Party Pay, you save more when you add more people to your Party.

With two lines, the monthly price is $35 per line, and it decreases by $5 for every line added. The maximum Party size is four, which brings the monthly price down to $25 per line. What's more, all taxes and fees are already included in your monthly fee!

If a member of your Party misses a payment, Visible provides a 48-hour grace period to catch up. After 48 hours, that member will be removed from your Party and the monthly cost for everyone else will increase. If the Party does not add another member to their plan, each line's fee will increase by $5 the following month.

How To Create A Visible Party

Setting up a Party is easy to do, even if you don't have a Visible account. If one person activates an account with Visible, they can send their friend the link to join the Party directly from their Party Pay page, even if the new member doesn't have a Visible account!

Once they accept the invitation, current members of the Party must confirm the acceptance of the new member. Repeat this until you have up to four members in your Party, and you're all good to go!

Other Visible Perks

While Party Pay is awesome on its own, it's certainly not the only benefit that comes with registering for a Visible plan. Visible has a few other awesome perks for new customers!

Signing Up Is A Breeze

You can sign up for and activate your Visible plan in just a few minutes! If you keep your old phone when registering for Visible, you can opt for their eSIM program. Once you register, you can download and install your eSIM and start enjoying your new coverage right away!

If you'd prefer to use a standard SIM card, Visible will overnight you one so you can start enjoying their coverage the day after you register!

Good Things Come To Those Who Switch

Additionally, Visible also offers great rewards to new and existing customers. One of our favorite deals Visible is currently offering is their Bring a Friend program. If you enjoy your Visible coverage so much that you refer a friend to Visible, they'll give you and your friend a full month of coverage for just $5!

Better yet, you can refer up to 12 people! That means any Visible customer could receive up to 1 year's worth of unlimited coverage for just $60! For more details about all the great deals Visible has to offer, check out their Deals, Promos, and Wireless Offers page.

Party On!

You're now an expert on Party Pay. Make sure to share this article on social media to get your friends and family to join your Party! Leave a comment down below if you have any other questions about Visible.

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