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What Is Data Sharing? The Truth About Shared Data Cell Phone Plans!

You were exploring new cell phone plans when you came across one with shared data. You're probably wondering if your family needs data that's shared, or if each line should have its own data allotment. In this article, I'll explain what data sharing is and help you determine if a plan with shared data is the right choice for your family!

What Is Shared Data?

Shared data is a specific data allotment that is shared between all lines on a cell phone plan. A three-line cell phone plan may have 20 GB of shared data, which all three lines have access to. One line could use 12 GB of data, the second line could use 6 GB, and the third line could use 2 GB on a data sharing cell phone plan.

Does My Family Need A Shared Data Plan?

Shared data plans are great for families made up of different types of data users. You may only need a couple gigabytes, but your two teens might use a lot of cellular data when they're streaming Netflix.

If this sounds like your family, a data sharing cell phone plan is probably a good fit. That way, your teens have enough data every month, and you're not paying for extra data that you don't need.

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What If Shared Data Isn't Right For My Family?

Shared data isn't the right fit for every family. Fortunately, there are plenty of family cell phone plans that give a specific cellular data allotment to each individual line.

For example, a three-line plan could give each line a monthly of 5 GB for a total of 15 GB. However, since the data isn't shared, the big data user in your family won't be able to borrow the data of someone who doesn't need it as much.

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Get Your Fair Share Of Data

I hope this article helped you understand what data sharing is and whether or not your family needs it. Our comparison tool will help you find the perfect shared data cell phone plan for your family. Leave any other questions you have about data sharing down below in the comments section!

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