does iPhone 8 have headphone jack

Does The iPhone 8 Have A Headphone Jack? The Truth!

You're thinking about getting an iPhone 8, but you're not sure it's exactly what you need. Many iPhone users were also skeptical about the iPhone 7 because it didn't have a headphone jack. In this article, I'll answer the question, “Does the iPhone 8 have a headphone jack?” and explain why the iPhone 8 is a slight improvement over the iPhone 7 when it comes to listening to music.

Does The iPhone 8 Have A Headphone Jack?

No, the iPhone 8 does not have a headphone jack. In fact, the exterior of the iPhone 8 is very similar to that of the iPhone 7. However, if you still prefer using wired headphones, the iPhone 8 will be a much better option for you than the iPhone 7.

Many users quickly pointed out that you couldn't charge an iPhone 7 and listen to music with wired headphones at the same time because the Lightning port was used for both charging the iPhone and connecting your headphones.

Fortunately, the iPhone 8 features wireless charging, so you'll be able to charge your iPhone without occupying the Lightning port! That way, you can plug your headphones into the Lightning port while wirelessly charging your iPhone using AirPower!

So, while the iPhone 8 doesn't have a headphone jack, it does have a solution for one of the iPhone 7's biggest issues.

The More You Know

Next time your friend asks, “Does the iPhone 8 have a headphone jack?” you'll know exactly what to tell them! Thanks for reading and feel free to leave your thoughts about the iPhone 8 in the comments section below.



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