Apple's charging cable, known as the Lightning cable, can be used to charge and sync your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. The Lightning cable is also used to charge the AirPods charging case.

Why Should I Try Charging My iPhone With Multiple Charging Cables?

When your iPhone or other Apple device won't charge or sync to iTunes, there may be an issue with the cable you're using. Lightning cables are prone to fraying and occasionally gunk or debris will get stuck in the USB end of the cable.

To see if your charging cable is not working, you can try using a friend's charger or inspect your cable for damage.

How Do I Try Charging My iPhone With Multiple Charging Cables?

  1. Try charging your iPhone or other Apple device using a different Lightning cable. If your iPhone charges with one cable, but not the other, then there's probably an issue with the first cable you tried to use.
  2. Inspect the charging cable that's not working. Use a flashlight and look inside the USB end of the cable for lint, gunk, and other debris.
  3. If you see anything inside the USB end of the cable, brush it out using an anti-static brush of brand new toothbrush.

Pro Tips

  • Water damage can also cause your Lightning cable to stop working properly.
  • If your iPhone or other Apple device is still under warranty, your Lightning cable is too! You can make an appointment at the Genius Bar or set up an online repair for a Lightning cable, just like you can with your iPhone.
  • Be very careful about buying low-quality third-party iPhone charging cables, like the ones you find in the gas station. Apple has a special MFi certification that you should look for before you purchase any non-Apple cable.


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