You can use the Ring / Silent switch to quickly toggle your iPhone 8 ringer on or off. If the switch is flipped to the Silent side, your iPhone 8 won't ring.

How Do I Check The Ring / Silent Switch On My iPhone 8?

  1. Examine the Ring / Silent switch on the left-hand side of your iPhone.
  2. If the switch is pulled towards the back of your iPhone and you see a small orange line, your iPhone 8 is on silent.
  3. To turn the ringer on, pull the Ring / Silent switch towards the front of your iPhone 8.

Pro Tips

  • When you flip the Ring / Silent switch back and forth, a notification will appear indicating whether your iPhone ringer is on or off.
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5 months ago

I just had the problem. I googled it, and I saw the orange line on the left top. I pulled the switch back and bingo. Thanks.

Edna Deshotel
Edna Deshotel
2 years ago

Thanks so much, easy to understand instructions