iPhone X Not Ringing? Fix The Problem For Good!

David Lynch

OCTOBER 20, 2017

Your iPhone X won't ring and you're not sure why. Contrary to popular belief, your iPhone may not be ringing because of a software issue, not a hardware issue. In this article, I'll explain why your iPhone X is not ringing and show you how to fix the problem for good!

My iPhone X Ring Volume Decreases! Here's Why.

A lot of iPhone X users in our iPhone help Facebook group noticed that their ringtone plays quieter or not at all after they pick up their iPhone. Don't worry — there's nothing wrong with your iPhone X! In fact, your iPhone is working perfectly fine.

Face ID allows your iPhone X to know exactly when you're holding it. When Face ID recognizes your face, it'll automatically lower the volume of your ringer because it knows you have your iPhone and doesn't want to blast you in the face with a loud ringtone.

How To Fix An iPhone X That's Not Ringing

5 Steps Total

Check Your Ring/Silent Switch

The Ring/Silent switch is used to quickly and easily turn your ringer on and off. If your switch is flipped to silent, your iPhone won't ring.

How Do I Check My Ring/Silent Switch?

  1. Take a look at your Ring/Silent switch, which is located on the left side of your iPhone.
  2. You'll know the your iPhone is on silent when you see a small, orange line because switch is pulled away from the screen.
  3. To turn your ringer on, pull the switch towards the screen.
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Turn Up Your iPhone X Ringer Volume Up All The Way

Did you know you can set the ringer volume to a different level than all the other sounds on your iPhone X? It's true!

So, even though it may appear like you're turning up the volume for all the sounds on your iPhone X, the ringer volume may be stuck at a very low level.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap on Sounds & Haptics.
  3. Drag the slider under Ringer And Alerts all the way to the right to turn up the ringer volume all the way.
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Turn Off Do Not Disturb

When Do Not Disturb is on, all incoming calls, notifications, and alerts will be silenced.

How Do I Turn Off Do Not Disturb?

There are three ways to turn off Do Not Disturb on your iPhone:

Turn Off Do Not Disturb In The Settings App

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap Do Not Disturb.
  3. Use your finger to tap the switch next to Manual. 
  4. You'll know Do Not Disturb is off when the switch is gray.

Turn Off Do Not Disturb In Control Center

  1. Swipe up from below the bottom of the screen to open Control Center.
  2. Use your finger to tap the Do Not Disturb icon, which looks like a moon.
  3. You'll know Do Not Disturb is off when the moon icon is black inside a gray circle. 

Turn Off Do Not Disturb Using Siri

  1. Press and hold the Home button to activate Siri.
  2. Say, "Turn off Do Not Disturb."
  3. Siri will respond and let you know that Do Not Disturb is turned off.
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Repair Your iPhone With Puls

Puls is a "we come to you" iPhone repair service that will meet you at your home, office, or Starbucks to repair your iPhone in as little as 30 minutes. Every Puls repair is backed by a lifetime warranty and their prices tend to be a lot less than Apple's.

Puls repairs broken iPhone screens, batteries, speakers, cameras, charging ports, and more. The only drawback at this point is that Puls isn't available everywhere (they're mostly in major US cities).

How Do I Repair My iPhone With Puls?

  1. Visit Puls.com.
  2. Select iPhone.
  3. Select the model of your iPhone.
  4. Enter your ZIP Code.
  5. Select the color of your iPhone.
  6. Select the repair you need completed and fill out any additional information you want the technician to know.
  7. Schedule a repair time and date.
  8. Enter your address and personal information.
  9. Click the button that says "Submit Repair Request".
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Repair Your iPhone With Apple

Apple repairs iPhones at the Genius Bar in Apple Stores and through their online mail-in repair service. Apple repairs are high-quality, but out-of-warranty repairs can be much more expensive than third-party solutions. If you're looking to save some money you're not covered by Apple's warranty, you may want to check out our other recommendations.

How Do I Repair My iPhone With Apple?

How To Repair Your iPhone With Apple's Mail-In Service

  1. Visit Apple's support website to begin the online mail-in repair process.
  2. Alternatively, call 1-800-MY-APPLE (1-800-692-7753) to set up a repair.

How To Repair Your iPhone At The Genius Bar Inside Your Local Apple Store

  1. Visit Apple's website to make a Genius Bar appointment before you go into the store. Apple Stores are extremely busy, and if you don't have an appointment, you may have to wait for hours or end up being turned away. (Editor's note: I'm a former Apple tech and we're not exaggerating — please, do yourself a favor and make an appointment first!)
  2. When you arrive, go to the Genius Bar to check in for your appointment.
  3. Genius Bar appointments always include free diagnosis. If you're under warranty, many repairs can be done on the spot, but it all depends upon which parts are in stock. If you're not under warranty, the Genius will give you a quote for the cost of a repair.
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Let Your iPhone X Ring!

Your iPhone X is ringing and working normally again. We hope you'll share this article on social media now that you know what to do when your iPhone X is not ringing. If you have any other questions about your iPhone X, leave them in the comments section below!


David Lynch

Hi, I'm David! I'm here to help you fix problems with your iPhone and help you find a better cell phone plan.


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Phone incoming call ringtone cannot hear, very soft sound only, please advise me. What should I do?

Roselyn Myree

My iPhone X isn’t ringing to incoming calls. What should I do?

Steven Reiser

This article had nothing that solved my problem and I have my volume set all the way up in settings and testing different ring tones they are very loud and I have nothing blocked or forwarded. But when I use my home phone to call my iPhone X I can put it up to my ear and BARELY hear the tone I chose they volume is BARELY audible on a phone call when set to 100% and I have missed 100% of phone calls since receivlng my iPhone X

Matt Gunn

My phone never rings when locked, which is always. Very annoying

Satyen Jethra

Guys pls help my iPhone lags to show up the screen while I get a incoming call from a contact which is stored in my phone book but fine when a unknown contact calls me . It rings vibrates but cannot see the caller and not pick up the call for say 10 seconds. Did everything reset restart and restore help me

Ramkumar Kandregula

Phone x incoming call ringtone is coming but display is appearing after 3 to 5 seconds what may be ready please guide me

Greg Haston

Try going to settings > accessibility > Face ID & Attention and turning off Attention Aware Features.
This will allow your phone to keep ringing at one volume and ignore that you looked at it.

Stuart N Marika Somerstein

this is the fix that works

Polly Weir

Thank you Greg. That did the job !!!

Juan Carlos Moya

Exactly after days of dispair this is the fix that works, so basically when you answer the phone you look at it and face recognition lowers the ring sound…stupid developers and no one could explain this but you… Thanks!

Clayron Taylor-Tolleson

Thank you very much. This article was very helpful, turns out that my problem was the “Do not disturb” button which was on (came that way as the phone is 5 days old)

Kathy Challe

Fixed my problem in seconds. Thanks.